The System Is Not Broken

I think back to the recent Maui fires, and the overall lack of federal response and financial support that could have been provided. I mean, our state, our citizens, taxpayers, just experienced a one in a million “natural wildfire”. Our government would want to support right?

“Fenton continues to lead the integrated response, recovery and rebuilding effort on Maui in coordination with State and local leadership. To date, the Biden-Harris Administration has approved more than $43.7 million in assistance to 7,013 households. Headline from Feb 24.

That number seems higher than other articles I read, but say it’s accurate, so in nearly six months, the assistance given to Hawaii is roughly equivalent to a month of migrant costs in just NYC.

The 2024-25 Executive Budget Financial Plan indicates the State plans to spend $4.3 billion between State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2022-23 through SFY 2025-26 for emergency spending related to people seeking asylum in the United States. Emergency spending for asylum seekers totaled $662 million through January 31, 2024.

And that’s just estimates and just from New York. Nevermind the cost in every other liberal city we’ve bussed migrants to since this disaster started day 1 of this current clown show.

I won’t even go into Ukraine spending, money to Iran, China, or the billions of taxpayer dollars funding “democracy” around the world. Leave that for people smarter than us 🙄. I will only add that since this clown show started, it does appear they are on overdrive “moving money”. Almost as if from 2016-2020, when wars overseas slowed to a near halt, they lost so much money they needed the last three years to play catchup.

Here’s what I want you to understand. It’s no accident what’s happening. While we here in Texas support our governor shipping migrants out and making them someone else’s problem, do we fully yet understand the ramifications?

  • We shipped “people” to blue, democrat run cities. “The resident population counts include all people (citizens and noncitizens) who are living in the United States at the time of the census”. Redistricting, gerrymandering, red lining, # of house members, # of electorate voters, all are based off the CENSUS numbers, not legal citizen numbers 🧐.
  • We shipped “voters” into the inner cities who will use the increased population numbers from the census and soon to be redistricted counties to all but ensure democrats never lose an election again.
  • We shipped “dependents” into actively decaying economies with zero chance at finding meaningful work or adding value. They will forever be linked to requiring handouts and government assistance, and unlikely to ever feed to tax system.
  • We shipped “soldiers” into activist centers where being loud and creating chaos means you get what you want. If we as “Americans” were willing to tear down our own statues and history, before they got here, imagine what they’ll contribute to finish us off.
  • We shipped the “enemy” into the interior of our country. Millions of military aged males are now all over the US, with large concentrations in urban centers, already causing a large uptick in crime and disrupting the local populace.

With no common language, no cultural appreciation or assimilation process, living off a government check with no strings attached, what else could go wrong?

I don’t have the answer for what’s already done, and while voting for Trump in November sounds like an answer, it’s not. The damage is done. So living in our new reality is the only option. So what next?

Get on the path to becoming dangerous. Start with you, your current situation, and where you see yourself Jan 1, 2025. Close the gap.

Because family is everything, focus on being ready to feed, clothe, hydrate, care for, provide shelter, and PROTECT.

Because you can’t do it alone, find other men who are on similar paths. A battle team consists of 5 men within 15 minutes you can count on.

Because it will take an army, find other families in a community that share your values and will stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Find your tribe, or make one.