Start With A Vision First

Difference between do it yourself and on the path

Before you fall for the “new year, new you” campaign, stop and consider 3 things;

Where are you, where do you want to go, and how will you get there?

Where are you?

To answer this question, do me a favor, and stand in front of the mirror. Now ask the person looking back at you this question. The conversation you have will change your life.

What not to do, is live in fantasy land, or look at what social media tells you, or what your “friends” tell you. Nothing good will come from lying to yourself, and you won’t get anywhere close to your vision without a solid inventory of:

  • strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats
  • physical health & fitness level
  • emotional intelligence
  • finances
  • relationship
  • job / career / side hustle
  • friends who add value or are toxic

Where do you want to go?

What excites you? If you could design the perfect day/week/month what does it look like? Where do you want to be Jan 1, 2025 (should the world not end)?

This exercise could include journaling or spending time in your head, and see what happens when you think about the future.

  • vision – what you see
  • legacy – what you leave behind
  • obituary – how they saw you
  • bucket list – what you want
  • memento mori – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed
  • end state goals – result of habits/process

How you’ll get there?

This is actually the least important part, because if you start with the how (resolutions), you’ll end up in the category of “most people’s resolutions end before valentines day”.

But if you stayed in order, and defined where you were first, then considered where you want to end up, now the real work can begin.

  • add positive habits
  • replace negative habits
  • process goals
  • daily/weekly non-negotiables
  • morning/evening routines
  • journaling
  • accountability

As we move into 2024, you likely are aware it’s an election year, the border is still wide open, millions of military aged males unaccounted for, we have a crisis of obesity, confusion around gender, market uncertainties, inflation, job security for many who are looking at AI, drugs, homelessness…..

Everything I just shared is very real, and all still very out of our control. Vote however you want, watch whatever side of the narrative you choose. For me, they’re all speaking out of their asses and playing the same game, what’s in it for them, power, money, greed, and looking globally instead of to the districts and states they are supposed to represent. Screw them. All of them. It’s up to you.

So start your year where you can make a difference. In your life and the lives of those you lead, laugh with, and love.