The System Is Not Broken

I think back to the recent Maui fires, and the overall lack of federal response and financial support that could have been provided. I mean, our state, our citizens, taxpayers, just experienced a one in a million “natural wildfire”. Our government would want to support right? “Fenton continues to lead the integrated response, recovery and […]

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Are You Living In Reality?

DEFINE PRETEND: to claim, to allege, a form of deliberate deception to lay claim to an ability, status, advantage to engage in make-believe If you watched Taken as a man and thought, yeah, I could do that. Or perhaps you’re more Frank Castle and you’d burn the world down if something bad were to happen to your family (this

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Are You Ever Alone?

In my big house, with my beautiful family, with everything “appearing” perfect, I still find myself alone. Alone in my head, questioning my worthiness, my past mistakes, if I’m man enough to overcome them. Claiming to be “prepared”, an implied state of “always ready”, but doubting seriously if I’m ready for what this year will

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