your Mission

Accept the reality of the situation, and that nobody is coming to save you

Understand where you are; your strengths, capabilities, gaps and address immediate needs

Identify your Mission; the short term battle plan to get you on the path to becoming dangerous

Identify your Vision; the legacy you will leave behind, how you’ll be remembered

Identify your Fight; draw a line in the sand and have a plan when it’s crossed

Identify your Battle Team; 5 men within 15 minutes, varying skill sets, add to your capabilities

Identify your Tribe; the families within your area of operations(AO), shared values, added skills, and a willingness and desire to share resources and defend the perimeter when the enemy is at the gate

who am i

Man, Husband, Father of 3

20-year Military Veteran (Retired)

I spent the first half of my life running the streets of Houston, the second half deploying around the world.

From a trailer park to a beautiful house, from man child to patriarch, from college educated to self educated, from a danger to those around me to dangerous to anyone who poses a threat.

In 2020 I was grinding between work, kids school and sports, chores and responsibilities, and whatever emergency came up. I was “paying attention” to politics and the economy, but only as far as Fox News took me. 

Then came the “mostly peaceful” summer of 2020. News coverage of a man being pulled from his car and beaten near to death by an angry mob caught my attention, and I pictured myself in his shoes, and I began to question what I would do.

Everything changed that day. I woke up the next morning and bought a gun. I got licensed to carry. I got training on conceal carry and first aid and learned the local laws. I also turned off the news and cleared my head from the noise.

Fast forward three years and I’ve done a lot of training, learned a lot of new skills, and advocate for everyone to exercise their “right to bear arms” responsibly. I also train for function and explosiveness and to get off the X.

But the biggest thing I learned, and why I now coach men to get on the path:

the more I focused on me and developing my inner warrior, 

the better man I became

the better husband I became

and the better father I became.

I am the man I am today, the leader I am, the patriarch of my family, 

because I accepted the situation for what it is;