Every breath has led you to this moment

There is no going back

While we allowed them to deny God's existence, we prayed!

While we allowed them to reframe the Constitution, we voted!

While we allowed them to manipulate the language, we yelled!

Without God, we have no "Unalienable Rights"

Without a Constitution, we are not a "Republic"

Without a common language, we are not "United"

the future will be tribal

Continue to pray, but when you ask God to move a mountain and you wake up with a shovel, strap on your work boots and start digging.

Continue to vote, but with your attention and your dollars, and see the power you have each day to support those with similar values.

Continue to yell, at the man in the mirror looking back at you, and focus your effort on his development and ability to be ready for what’s next.

And you are not alone

You just haven’t been looking in the right places, and likely, where you are is part of the problem. But you found this website, which means either you’re close, or have someone on the inside telling you this is where you belong. Among the few, not the many. 

Where iron comes to sharpen iron; and logic, critical thinking, and respectful discourse are the standards to communication. Where faith, family, and freedom are the foundations to how we live our lives. Where each man shows up ready to learn, ready to add value, and ready to take that which works for him and pay it forward.

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