becoming a dangerous man

Because thinking the world will be fair because you are fair, is like expecting the hungry lion not to eat you because you wouldn’t eat him.

The world isn’t fair, you know that, and that’s why you are here. To learn what it means to get on the path to becoming a dangerous man.

A dangerous man understands who is he is, is driven by what he believes in, and possesses the skills and capability to defend those he loves.

hard times create strong men

These Are Not Hard Times

  • Grocery stores still have an abundance of food
  • Unemployment is under 10%
  • We still have a cash economy
  • Crime is spiked in mostly large, inner cities
  • Healthcare is still readily available
  • I’m still able to publish this content
  • My credit score is tied to my worthiness to pay it back

But For How Much Longer?

Insert whatever “conspiracy theory” you want. We could talk New World Order, or pick a three letter agency. We could name drop billionaires or CEOs of the largest investment firms. We could certainly blame both political parties and everyone in between.

And where will we end up? In the same damn spot we are now, waiting for the train to finally derail, for Rome to Fall, and for the inmates to truly take over running the asylum.

While I will continue to pay attention, as Sun Tzu stated “to know yourself and to know the enemy, fear not the result of 100 battles”.

I will not spend anymore time yelling at the wall, debating who’s more at fault, or looking to anyone outside my home, my family, my battle team, or my tribe to help me prepare for the day that appears ever closer. My energy, my focus, will be on them, and being ready.

What it means when you get on the path

build confidence

Get back to the origin of being a man, of what masculinity is, and what history proves men are meant for. Stop arguing about what a good man is, and just be one, without apology!

discover clarity

Understand your strengths, define your legacy and identify your mission. Fulfill your role as a leader, a husband and a father.

gain courage

With a defined purpose and a plan to execute, take no prisoners. It's about fighting for what you believe, defending you and those you love, and drawing a perimeter and stand ready.

What Men On The Path Are Saying...